World’s Most Advanced Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation System

Safely remove odour-causing and toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air with the APCO® Rack System.

The APCO® Rack System offers easy and flexible installation and an advanced multi-voltage water-resistant power supply to sterilise mould on HVAC coils. It also features the same award-winning PCO or carbon technology used in Fresh-Aire UV’s top-selling APCO® line of residential whole-house air purifiers, which is now scaled up for commercial applications.

Lifetime warranty available for all parts (except lamps).


  • Removes odour-causing VOCs from the air without ozone
  • PCO/carbon cells never need to be cleaned or replaced
  • Scalable design allows wide variety of multi-lamp configurations
  • High quality water-resistant lamps
  • Water-resistant power supply, for normal or high output lamp(s)
  • Includes 10’ cable & all mounting hardware except 0.5” EMT conduit
  • Teflon® coating option for added safety
  • Available with 32, 46, or 60-inch lamps



  • Eliminates bacteria, mould, viruses, allergens, odours and VOCs
  • Lifetime PCO/carbon cells
  • Sterilizes microbial growth on coils
  • Saves on maintenance & energy costs
  • Kills airborne germs as they pass by
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Chemical-free disinfection
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