Keep biohazards to an absolute minimum

The Environmental Surface Disinfection System (ESDS) from Fresh-Aire UV® Commercial Series is a reputable solution for surface disinfection in critical spaces. It uses germicidal UVC light to disinfect room surfaces when the area is unoccupied.


Safety First

Because UVC light is dangerous to your skin and eyes, the ESDS system only activates in an unoccupied area. A timer can be used for start and stop, and additional safety features such as door-mounted interlock switches to prevent accidental exposure can be applied.


Proven Effective

Fresh-Aire UV Commercial Series UVC lights are proven to sterilise 99.9% of surface microbial contaminants within minutes of exposure. Experience Fresh-Aire UV’s trusted brand as a world leader in UV light disinfection and indoor air quality.



  • UV-C disinfection for unoccupied rooms
  • Kills airborne germs as they pass by
  • Switches, timers, sensors available
  • Chemical-free disinfection
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Consen Engineering Pte. Ltd.
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