The need to protect occupied spaces from airborne infectious diseases has never been greater.

Fortunately, Fresh-Aire UV germicidal lights have been proven to inactivate the SARSCOV-2 virus (cause of the COVID-19 infection) within seconds of exposure.

The Fresh-Aire UV Aire-Foil features a 32” hospital-grade UV-C lamp and is wall-mounted at near ceiling height. Upper air UV-C disinfection is an ideal method to mitigate the spread of dangerous pathogens in occupied spaces. As air naturally heats and cools it moves by convection, which continuously circulates it throughout the space. Airborne viruses and bacteria are sterilized when exposed to the UV-C light field.

The Aire-Foil unit is installed at a minimum height of 7’ and is designed with louvers that shield occupants from UV exposure by projecting UV-C light rays parallel to the plane of the ceiling.



  • 32” UV-C 254nm germicidal light
  • UV-C light restricted to ceiling height
  • Safe for occupied spaces
  • Air convection for silent operation
  • Robust aluminum construction
  • 9,000 hour UV-C lamp life
  • Quick & simple installation
  • Easy maintenance & lifetime warranty
  • 110-277 VAC auto-sensing power supply



  • Inactivates airborne viruses & bacteria
  • Reduces risk of airborne infectious disease
  • Works continuously
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