Intensive and fully customisable. Suitable for a variety of applications.

Eliminate dangerous airborne pathogens (viruses, bacteria, and mould spores) with the Fresh-Aire UV® Commercial Series Airborne Duct System (ADS). This duct-mounted HVAC UVGI system is designed for intensive airstream UV-C irradiation. With 2 to 6 Fresh-Aire UV® high-output germicidal UV lamps, it’s capable of sterilising airborne biological contaminates as they pass by.

This system is not recommended for surface disinfection of any materials that are not UV light resistant. For those situations, you can use the brand’s Tubular Rack System or Modular Rack System with Fresh-Aire UV® normal-output germicidal UV lamps instead.



  • Ideal for airborne treatment of contaminates
  • Single or multi-lamp configuration
  • High output water-resistant lamp(s)
  • Water-resistant power supply
  • Lifetime warranty on all parts except lamp(s)
  • Includes 10’ cable & mounting hardware
  • Optional Teflon® lamp coating



  • Reduces odours & kills airborne microbial contaminants
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Effective chemical-free air disinfection
  • Cost effective
  • Reduces worker exposure to dangerous chemicals
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Consen Engineering Pte. Ltd.
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