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COLTRACO Ultrasonics

Coltraco Ultrasonics, world-leading British designer and manufacturer of ultrasonic safety and monitoring instrumentation. 30 years experience, across 19 sectors and 108 countries, their core capabilities are:

1. Monitoring clean agent extinguishing systems. With a vision to deliver constant monitoring of non-liquefied clean agent extinguishing systems too.  Wider commitment to deliver business continuity to critical infrastructure via these and a diverse array of products that deal with the associated pipework, rotating machinery, and enclosure room integrity.

2. Monitoring watertight integrity and fire containment of watertight compartment doors, cable penetrations, and hatch covers. With a vision to deliver semi-fixed and constant monitoring systems so the ship’s shore-based operator understands how watertight seals are affected under the different sea, weather, and load states.

Their Safesite® & Safeship® mission: “safety for safety’s sake” to reduce risk to life, business, and facilities. With the foundation form with integrity and science at their core.


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